Elevate Your Lash Experience. Elevate Your Mindset.

Our most memorable regrets in life often times are the things we didn't say, the actions we didn't take, and simply not giving it our all. We lacked boldness in those moments. And as we mature, we realize becoming who we were created to be requires confidence in ourselves.

Our mission is to inspire that mindset in everyone who experiences Tread Beauty. So that every single time you apply your luxurious lash products, you know that bold mindset is within you. It's who you were created to become. Our only hope is that once you take off your Tread Beauty Lashes, you will continue to embrace the bold mindset. It's time to elevate your lash experience. And all while doing it, we hope to inspire you to Be Bold and to Be Confident.

Common Questions

I'm new to falsies and they intimidate me!

Far too many beginners or newbies are intimidated by the application process. What a shame that is because all it takes is a little bit of practice. And before long you can't go anywhere without them. The right falsies are always the perfect cherry on top to any makeup look.

But are they comfortable?

That's right. The other worry with lashes is that they won't sit comfortably on the eyes. Have no fear, I am a pro makeup artist with over 10 years of top-level experience. My first priority in designing our lashes was to make sure each band is cotton and light-weight.

And what about the glue?

We offer 2 incredible adhesives for women who like to have options. Our tried-and-true original is our Latex-Free and Formaldehyde-Free Clear Adhesive - a staple when making sure your lashes don't go anywhere. Our second option is our innovative Black Eyeliner Adhesive Pen which provides the perfect wing and there is no waiting time. It is a fun and creative way to experience your lashes.

Can I trim the band to fit my eye?

Yes! Every woman and every eye is different. We designed our lashes so they can be trimmed to fit any eye-shape. Obviously less is always more. Meaning you can take more off but you cannot add back. So we strongly recommend to carefully measure from the outer corner, not the inside closest to your nose, and cut from there. Remember! Always start with less because you cannot add back.

How do I get the most wears out of them?

First things first, don't leave them hanging around the house. You will end up scaring your family because they think it's some new bug invading your home! Put them back in their case/box. I do not recommend base to tip mascara application. Only apply your mascara at the base on your natural lash. Applying to your false lash will affect the integrity and you will not get as many uses out of them.

What about cleaning my lashes?

Lay your lashes flat on a paper towel. Using a q-tip with a bit of warm water, gently roll it over the band of your lashes. Avoid soaking them in water. Doing so can damage the shape and curl. Using tweezers, GENTLY remove any glue remaining on your falsies.

  • woman wearing premium eye lashes and liner
  • woman wearing premium lashes and liner
  • woman wearing premium lashes and liner
  • woman wearing premium lashes and liner
  • woman wearing premium lashes and liner
  • woman wearing premium lashes and liner
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