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(20% OFF) Festive Glam

(20% OFF) Festive Glam

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Step into the spotlight with our Festive Glam bundle, your gateway to turning heads and stealing the scene at holiday parties and events! This curated collection is designed to infuse your festive looks with drama and flair, ensuring you stand out as the belle of the celebration with every flutter.

Whether you're making a grand entrance at your annual work Christmas party or reveling in a glamorous night out, our Festive Glam bundle is your secret weapon for a show-stopping transformation. These lashes promise the perfect blend of drama and elegance, offering you bold styles that capture the essence of festive allure. Elevate your holiday party style effortlessly and make a lasting impression with our carefully curated Festive Glam collection. Complete your look with confidence, dance the night away, and embrace the glamour of the season with lashes that speak volumes!

Includes the Following:

1 Luxury Full Set

1 Classy Full Set

1 Sleek Half Set

1 Foxy Half Set

1 Premium 2-in-1 Liner


When you are not wearing or cleaning your lashes, keep them in their protective case. I do not recommend base to tip mascara application. Only apply your mascara at the base on your natural lash. Applying to your false lash will affect the integrity and you will not get as many uses out of them.

Cleaning Instructions

Lay your lashes flat on a paper towel. Using a q-tip with a bit of warm water, gently roll it over the band of your lashes. Avoid soaking them in water. Doing so can damage the shape and curl. Using tweezers, GENTLY remove any glue remaining on your falsies.

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